Side Effects & Caution

Anamu should not be taken if you are pregnant, breast feeding or trying to become pregnant. Anamu should not be used in conjunction with medication used to treat Diabetes, you should consult with your medical provider if you are considering using Anamu. Anamu should not be consumed by those with blood clotting disorders who are blood thinning medication. Please consult with your medical provider prior to using Anamu. This site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

Sha’Mare Hart

The Anamu Herb Tea is a miracle tea to curing a lot of unhealthy ailments that plague and kill the body. I am a true witness and believer of this tea and it’s effectiveness. I am currently drinking the Anamu tea daily as a supplement to the treatment for Breast Cancer. I have been drinking this tea everyday more than 3-5 times throughout the day for 2 and a ½ months and it has cured many of my symptoms. My chest no longer has any tightness and heaviness, my breathing is consistent, and there are no chest pains. I am able to eat full meals and not be nauseated and ill while eating with very little appetite. I am energetic and able to be physically active throughout the day.  I had previously had chemotherapy in 2009 and unfortunately, I had a recurrence of Breast Cancer in 2015. The Breast Cancer had elevated to the highest stage and my life was reported by the doctor to have very little longevity without chemotherapy and hormonal treatment. I was not at peace with the plan of treatment from the doctor. Thank God for the Anamu Tea, it is a miracle tea and it works. I am a true witness and an advocate for the Anamu tea. Thank you so much for making the Anamu tea available . FIVE STARS! I will continue drinking the Anamu tea even after I am cured, it’s just great for my body.


When I was 22, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I underwent a small surgery where they were able to remove the tumor without the need for Chemotherapy or Radiation. Shortly thereafter I went into remission. When I was 26, and 5 months pregnant, I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Sadly, my pregnancy was terminated and my Uterus was removed. Two years later, it was found that I had Ovarian Cancer. My ovaries were removed and it was recommended that I receive Chemotherapy, but I was too scared and refused the treatment. In 1998 I decided to relocate to Florida from Kansas. In 2000, I went to the doctor for a check up and had a mammogram. It was at that time that a small tumor was located in my breast. A PET scan was conducted and several polyps were found in my Colon and they developed into Cancer. It was recommended that I undergo Radiation and Chemotherapy, but I refused it as I was afraid of how it would effect me. I was introduced to Anamu by my husband and began drinking three to four cups a day for 30 days. When I went back to the hospital for a follow up appointment the polyps and the tumor in my breast were gone. I discontinued the use of the tea and in 2008, I woke up with severe stomach pain. I went to the hospital and nothing was found and I was prescribed medication for stomach pain. Shortly after taking the medication my pain increased significantly, prompting me to return to the hospital. It was later found that I had Carcinoid tumors in my stomach, which can multiply with stress. I was again offered Chemotherapy and refused. Due to my circumstances, I became extremely depressed and was placed on different medications that caused unbearable side effects. I decided to begin drinking the Anamu Cancer Herb tea again and and eight years later I am still cancer free! I can not stress enough how Anamu Cancer Herb tea has been a lifesaver for me. I intend to continue to use this tea, as I have noticed that it also has helped me with my Depression, Anxiety and Blood Pressure.


In 2007, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and had a weak immune system. I was placed on medication, which ended up making me feel worse. I was always tired and began experiencing chest pain. I learned of the Anamu plant and began boiling the roots to make a tea that I drank for 30 days. I noticed that I was feeling much better and decided to combine both the root and the leaves and make it into a stronger tea. I was amazed at how quickly my health improved and I was able to reduce my medication. I began making the tea and offering it in gallons to help others who were experiencing the same or similar issues. As people began providing me with feedback, I was amazed at how many people told me they were feeling better and had more energy. Now I have expanded and sell tea bags which have the same efficacy, but with a better taste. I continue to feel healthier each day!

Madeline Ocasio

My name is Madeline and I was introduced to Anamu Herb Tea 2 weeks ago, and it was so bad that I did not want to listen to anything anyone will say about… the pain will go away. I lost that faith in doctors but never in God. So I met Tony and he told me try and if it don’t work you let me know. Omg I was up the second day out of my bed and it was a huge difference today I am happy pain free, not taking any medication and Thanking God for putting this person in my life. I believe in Miracles and is amazing to look yourself in the mirror and see a total change. I have Lupus/ Vertiligo/ Fibromyalgia / Vertigo today those words mean nothing. I have happiness, energy, and most of all pain free, bless me Lord. Thank you Tony and God bless you and your family.