Sha’Mare Hart

The Anamu Herb Tea is a miracle tea to curing a lot of unhealthy ailments that plague and kill the body. I am a true witness and believer of this tea and it’s effectiveness. I am currently drinking the Anamu tea daily as a supplement to the treatment for Breast Cancer. I have been drinking this tea everyday more than 3-5 times throughout the day for 2 and a ½ months and it has cured many of my symptoms. My chest no longer has any tightness and heaviness, my breathing is consistent, and there are no chest pains. I am able to eat full meals and not be nauseated and ill while eating with very little appetite. I am energetic and able to be physically active throughout the day. I had previously had chemotherapy in 2009 and unfortunately, I had a recurrence of Breast Cancer in 2015. The Breast Cancer had elevated to the highest stage and my life was reported by the doctor to have very little longevity without chemotherapy and hormonal treatment. I was not at peace with the plan of treatment from the doctor. Thank God for the Anamu Tea, it is a miracle tea and it works. I am a true witness and an advocate for the Anamu tea. Thank you so much for making the Anamu tea available . FIVE STARS! I will continue drinking the Anamu tea even after I am cured, it’s just great for my body.