Madeline Ocasio

My name is Madeline and I was introduced to Anamu Herb Tea 2 weeks ago, and it was so bad that I did not want to listen to anything anyone will say about… the pain will go away. I lost that faith in doctors but never in God. So I met Tony and he told me try and if it don’t work you let me know. Omg I was up the second day out of my bed and it was a huge difference today I am happy pain free, not taking any medication and Thanking God for putting this person in my life. I believe in Miracles and is amazing to look yourself in the mirror and see a total change. I have Lupus/ Vertiligo/ Fibromyalgia / Vertigo today those words mean nothing. I have happiness, energy, and most of all pain free, bless me Lord. Thank you Tony and God bless you and your family.